V-Sekai is a small group of developers and VR enthusiasts who felt there was a need for an open-source ecosystem focused on VR. We believe social VR should be a truly community-driven experience. For this to be realised, we believe the entire software stack should be available, moddable, and tweakable from the source up, which is why a lot of our projects focus on the MIT-Licensed Godot Engine



  • Distribute custom avatars and worlds in a networked environment on the Godot game engine.
  • Via a hosted web server, as well as individual hosting and social functions.
  • Spatialised audio and VOIP support
  • Native VRM support
  • Our own custom networking stack
  • A security-focused sandboxed scripting environment backed by WASM
  • Customisable servers with their own individual game rules


There are currently no trailers available for V-Sekai. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

About (Pronounced as chee-bee-fire)

Meet Ernest (iFire) Lee, a passionate developer based in Canada. Specializing in emerging technologies like game engines, particularly the Godot Engine, he plays a pivotal role in maintaining its glTF 3D pipeline. This includes managing both exporting and importing functionalities. He also works closely with the OMIGROUP to ensure metaverse interoperability and maintain an importer for the portable avatar format VRM in the Godot Engine.
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V-Sekai Credits

K. S. Ernest (iFire) Lee