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Artificial Intelligence Tools Contracting | 2023 April - Ongoing

V-Sekai Social VR | 2021 - Ongoing

Unreal Engine 5 Contracting | 2022 September - 2022 November

Godot Engine | 3D Asset Pipeline, Animations, Visual Script and others. | 2017 - Ongoing

Open Metaverse Interoperability Group Champion | 2022 - Ongoing

Godot Engine Contracting | 2018 Dec - 2022

Khronos Advisor - 3D Formats | 2021 - 2023

1st Place | Unity vs Unreal vs Godot: The Threeway Battle (Season 2) | 2018

Stern Flowers won first place using Godot Engine.

Offworld Industries | Publisher Developer Operations | 2018

Helped Periscope Games use Offworld Core as a Unreal Engine plugin. Also adminstrated Perforce version control and continously delivered (CICD) the game project Post Scriptum.

Offworld Industries | Developer Operations | 2016 - 2018

Continuously delivered (CICD) Squad, handled Unreal Engine 4 upgrades, managed Perforce version control and administrated information technologies.

Mektek Studios | Stompy Bot | Systems Professional | 2014 - 2016

Build systems on Heavy Gear Assault.



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V-Sekai Social VR
V-Sekai is a community of enthusiasts building a next-generation social and #gaming VR #platform powered by the Godot Engine.
Open Metaverse Interoperability
Protocols for interoperable virtual worlds
Godot Engine
An open-source game engine.
Introducing the Godot glTF2 Scene exporter
We hope that this makes our lives better with asset pipelines for 3D